Bilâd Chinqît
The Land of Chinguetti

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A film by: Lucio and Anna Rosa

Directed by: Lucio Rosa

Running time: 60'

Format: 16:9

Locations Mauritania : Adrar - Atar - Audaghost - Azougui - Auker - Akreijit - Akjoujt - Ajoun el Atrouss - Birou - Chinguetti - Dakhlet el Atrouss - Dahr Tichitt - Koumbi Saleh - Dahr Tichitt-Walata - Nouakchott - Wadane - Walata - Tagant - Tichit

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Distant and deep, the history of the Mauritania is marked from great passages of civilizations.
Mauritania, daughter of the Sahara and pivotal point linking Mediterranean Africa with black Africa, is a country with a proud and memorable past, where Mauritania represented a civilisation in all effects; understanding and dynamic, fearlessly embracing different races and traditions and thriving on that wonderful energy that diversity itself can afford.
In order to best understand this complex universe, to bring to life those civilisations, empires and towns that were beacons in the ancient and medieval world, we have to go back in time and decipher a story which takes us far back to the beginnings of human activity - to the often uncertain horizons of the Neolithic period.

The Awards

  • 3ème Festival International du Film d'Archeologie - Nyon (CH)
    Mention spécial "pour la decouvert du Patrimoine"
  • 8ème Festival International du Film Archéologique - ICRONOS 2004 - Bordeaux (F)
    Mention spéciale "pour l'excellence de son analyse historique à partir de donnèes archeologiques"

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