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ETHIOPIA "FAR AWAY" ALONG THE RIVER A film by Lucio and Anna Rosa

TRAILER - Versione:

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Direction, photography, editing, text: Lucio Rosa

Duration: 43'

Editions: Italian, English

Format: Full HD 16:9

Studio Film Tv

It is a deep Africa, that of the south of the Omo valley. Time remains suspended, almost turning its back. It hides in the long past, from which traces still emerge vivid. Nature and man indissolubly intertwined give shape and races and ethnic groups lying on an inclined and multiform mosaic.
Westerners, it is a must to bare themselves without delay if we want to try to capture the original and ancestral souls of the Omo valley. Only in this way can a thought of remote Africa emerge, balanced on the ancestral pillars of magic and the origins of man.
A fragile and compact microcosm preserves the features of the Karo, the Konso, the Mursi, the Hamer, the Dassanech, the Arbore, the Borana. Yet, perfectly visible, these archaic islands do not completely escape the sight of our presumed globalized civilizations. The threat remains intact and the destruction of these fragile and precious cultures is always too easy a prediction for some. Will it be so?

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